Family Engagement Night Photos

Twin Day!

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Last week's answer to " How Much (What Percent) of email sent each day is actually SPAM?

STEM Mag Lev Vehicle Project.

The winner of Library Trivia are 
Angie Portillo Lopez
Bita Jazani
Bryce Lehmann
Caid Milligan
Carlos Gurrola
Caydance Miguel
Daniel Newby
Emmalee Keith
Gunner Sullivan
Hector Andrade
Issac Avina
John Young
Katelyn Lucas
Liam Spears
Luke Pedersen
Nehemiah Juarez
Nolan Pedersen
Trevin George

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What new Books do you want to see in the Library?​

Mrs.Crickon's Projects.

That's So Hollywood

6th and 7th grade dance pictures!

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​​​​​​This Week's Question:
How much (what percent) of email sent each day is actually SPAM?