Mrs. Jensick and Ms. McCraw teach art skills and techniques, going over a wide variety of works.  Utilizing many different mediums, students will be able to explore the world of art as well as express their imagination.

Band & Orchestra

Dr. Fox teaches the Beginning and Advanced middle school orchestras while Mr. Jacques teaches the middle school Jazz Band, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band, and the Advanced Band. Both teachers prepare their students for concerts and festivals were they can show off their progress and talent!

theatre & Choir

Mrs. Wilkerson directs the musical theatre classes, while Mrs. Valley instructs the choir students.  Those in theatre and choir will learn teamwork skills and gain confidence while creating memorable performances they'll be proud of.


Mrs. Hollis, Mr. Carmichael, Ms. Schulz, and Mrs. Howard all teach students interested in various STEM fields.  They conduct all sorts of projects from building robots and coding apps all the way to graphic design and architecture.  These projects give a lot of free reign, so students can create things they are passionate about.


 Ms. Jaacovi is the Hosa teacher. Hosa is the premier organization for student leaders pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. Hosa’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.