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Last Day of School

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Summer Break

School Resumes August 17th


Summer Break





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Click the image to the left for information about this Summer on-line coding course for students.

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READ below for Yearbook update.

An email was received from Jostens that explained that they are experiencing all sorts of delays due to having to reduce the number of workers on site at their production plants, shut downs, etc. Our proposed shipping date is supposed to be 5/29. After that, it could take up to a week for them to be delivered to the district warehouse. Once we finally have them, we will likely host a curbside pickup event for the yearbooks. Unfortunately, it does look like that is going to have to take place after the last day of school. But we are going to work on getting books into student hands as quickly as possible once we have them in our possession.

CMS Welcomes New 6th Graders!




School year countdown

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